Dubai Creek Tower vs Burj Khalifa

he compositional driving force behind Burj Khalifa, Emaar Properties are set to dispatch one more tall high rise on Dubai Creek Harbor. At present, under development, Dubai Creek Tower will dominate Burj Khalifa upon its fulfillment in 2020. In spite of the fact that the two structures are dazzling designing wonders, it is for you to choose whether you extravagant Dubai Creek Tower versus Burj Khalifa.

MyBayut looks at a portion of the astounding realities about these two taking off high rises that sparkle from the mists above. So read on to get some answers concerning Dubai Creek Tower versus Burj Khalifa, and which of these uber structures wins in the race of supertall high rises.


Emaar Properties didn’t stop with the notorious Burj Khalifa that is acclaimed for being the tallest high rise on the planet. Dubai Creek Harbor is another cutting edge advancement by Emaar which will include the world’s new tallest structure, Dubai Creek Tower.

It will rethink the eventual fate of living and add to the wealth of this incredible city while contending with Burj Khalifa to wind up one of the world’s most perceived structures. We should think about the realities, attractions, and property in these glorious manifestations.

Intended to turn into another worldwide symbol of the 21st Century, Dubai Creek Tower is a cutting edge advancement to rival the tallest structure of the world, Burj Khalifa. You will be flabbergasted to realize that Dubai Creek Tower will outperform the current superstructure Burj Khalifa with regards to tallness examination.

Here are some all the more stunning realities that will amaze you!

Burj Khalifa stands 828 meters tall; with its tip, the tallness goes up to 830 meters. Dubai Creek Harbor Tower is relied upon to outperform this tallness by roughly 100m which means it will be around 928 meters tall.

The development of Burj Khalifa was started in 2004 and finished in 2009 and it was opened to the open a year later. For Dubai Creek Tower, development began in 2016 and it will be finished before Expo 2020.

The development cost of the Burj Khalifa was $ 1.5B though it is $ 1B for Dubai Creek Tower. The expense was higher for Burj Khalifa on the grounds that it is a blended reason property with all the more living space.

There are 163 stories in Burj Khalifa though the arranged structure of Dubai Creek Tower building has 210 floors. The designers have not formally affirmed the number of floors.

With regards to the biggest high rise in the city, Dubai Creek Tower will beat Burj Khalifa. Be that as it may, Burj Khalifa gloats more than 14 world records for development and skyscraper attractions separated from the stature of the structure. For example, there are the most noteworthy eateries, clubs, lifts, and observatory decks.

Dubai Creek Tower vs Burj Khalifa

With regards to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek Tower correlation, the last will outperform Burj Khalifa by 100 meters

One of the interesting Burj Khalifa realities is that there are 900 private condos and 304 lavish lodging suites. In any case, Dubai Creek Tower will vanquish travelers with its ten most elevated perception decks incorporating a zenith stay with 360-degree perspectives on Dubai.

Famous draftsman Adrian Smith took structure motivation from the desert lily for Burj Khalifa. Then again, the triumphant structure of Dubai Creek Tower was handpicked by Sheik Mohammed canister Rashid Al Maktoum himself. The plan was enlivened by the lily bloom and conventional minaret that is an image of Islamic culture.

One of the fascinating Dubai Creek Tower actualities is that it will highlight dynamic light developments and a signal of light from its pinnacle. Along these lines, it fights with the exceptional Burj Khalifa light appear.

With regards to the discussion of Burj Khalifa versus Dubai Creek Tower, both are gravity-opposing structures that will light up the horizon of the world’s driving city.


The Burj Khalifa property highlights lavish inns, private and office spaces for elites. Thus, the highest floors of the new Dubai Creek Tower will likewise be devoted to caf├ęs and lodgings to advance the travel industry.

Private properties are accessible for lease in Downtown Dubai, which is home to Burj Khalifa. Dubai Square and Creek Tower Plaza in Dubai Creek Harbor are likewise set to comparatively rethink the expectations for everyday comforts of the network. So in the event that you are keen on putting or leasing in the shadow of Dubai Creek Tower versus Burj Khalifa there are a lot of alternatives to look over. To ease you in the basic leadership, here are the costs for properties.

Lit up Burj Khalifa

A lit-up Burj Khalifa and moving wellspring pulls in various visitors to Dubai Downtown

Rental Price Comparison

According to current postings on Bayut, the yearly rental cost for 1-bed condos in Downtown Dubai begins at AED 60,000 though for Dubai Creek Harbor it begins at AED 75,000 yearly.

2-bed rental in Dubai Creek Harbor begins from AED 110k while it begins from AED 80k in Downtown Dubai.

A 3-bed loft for lease in Dubai Creek Harbor begins from AED 140k every year. The rental cost of a 3-bed condo in Downtown Dubai begins at AED 130k every year.

Lofts for lease in Burj Khalifa are likewise accessible beginning as low as AED 85k for studio condo.

Freehold Price Comparison

With regards to freehold value correlation, a 1-room condo in Downtown Dubai goes between AED 700k and AED 2M. In Dubai Creek Harbor, the freehold cost of the 1-bed condo is between AED 730k and AED 2M.

You can procure a 2-bed condo in Downtown Dubai beginning from AED 800k and up to AED 8M. The freehold cost for a two-room condo in Dubai Creek Harbor begins from AED 1.2M.

The most reduced deals cost for a 3-room loft in Downtown Dubai begins at AED 2M and reaches up to AED 15M. A similar size loft in Dubai Creek Harbor is estimated between AED 1.8M an AED 4.8M.

In the event that spending limit isn’t a requirement, there are additionally some extravagance condos in Burj Khalifa available to be purchased beginning from AED 1.1M.