India and Pakistan, the two different sides of the same coin

Decades ago, a harsh line was drawn on the soil of India that ruined the love and amity of millions. That day, the world witnessed the birth of a new country – Pakistan. Excruciating suffering, unceasing pain, and incalculable stories of agony – both the countries had gone through the same situations. As if; they both are so close to each other and yet so far. The agonizing history, ideological differences and the shocks of terrorism have been keeping them apart all these years. However, it seems that the scenario is changing. Today, both the countries want to reach out to each other in the noble initiative of “hope for peace”, which is fondly called – Aman ki Asha. 

Even a few years ago, almost every common Indian used to react negatively on asking about Pakistan, however, the picture is different now. Recently, when the most famous Pakistani dramas are aired on an Indian Channel – Zee Zindagi, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Indian audience is not only loving them but also appreciating the storylines, acting skills, and direction. This overwhelming response is being considered as a good sign of peace and love between these two countries. People are hoping this can lead to greater bonding between India and Pakistan.

Be it the sweet bond between Kashaf and Zaroon in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, or the pain of Khushi in Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti, or be it the cute fights between Aunn and Zara in Aunn Zara, Indian audience easily get connected to these dramas because of their strong storyline which follows some great social issues. They bring out the issues common Indian faces on daily basis. Rather than talking about something larger than life, these dramas speak about small moments, which matter more.  

The experience of watching these dramas are simply phenomenal. In order to enjoy each and every Pakistani drama, people get their Dish TV Recharge online and experience the sweet and sour flavor of slices of life, every day. And those, who still think Pakistan is all about terrorism and violence, they should surely take this matter into consideration and watch these beautiful series of dramas for once. We bet one will surely fall in love with each and every character of these dramas. So get your Dish TV done, keep the world on mute and keep on enjoying these beautiful dramas.

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